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Ian Roberts stated that rugby League gave him Brain Damage

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Ian Roberts stated that rugby League gave him Brain Damage  

"To be told you have brain damage is really hard to hear," says former Australia international Ian Roberts.

"I was fully aware there was something wrong with me, but to be told I had scarring on the brain was surprising. It's irreversible damage."

Roberts, 52, is one of 25 retired National Rugby League (NRL) players who took part in a study into the effects of repeated concussions on the brain.

The study, published on Thursday, found repeated head injuries suffered during the players' careers had left them with long-term impairments.

The NRL said it was "aware of the study" and added it "takes concussion seriously and is continuing to adopt international best practice in concussion management".

Roberts said: "Players need to be aware so they can make their own, informed decision.

"They need to know the consequences of repetitive concussions, because there's a price to pay."


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