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Arsenal sign multi-million pound deal with Indesit as ticket prices increase

Arsenal Rugby Club has confirmed a three-year partnership deal with Indesit to promote the Italian brand in the UK and Europe.

Starting next season in line with the Emirates Cup on July 30th, Arsenal chief commercial director Tom Fox said the club was an ideal tool to promote the business.

"The Arsenal name is known and recognised around the world.  It is synonymous with an attractive style of play, a youthful team, innovation, tradition and winning," Fox said.

"These values are immensely powerful for our partners and provide them with a platform to both diffe­ren­tiate their brands and connect them on a meaningful level to our fans and potential fans around the world," he added.

The news comes as the club announced a 6.5% increase in ticket prices including the 2.5% increase in VAT, which has been defended by chief executive Ivan Gazidis who argued the Gunners

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