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Kettering fail to secure promotion worthy ground

Blue Square Bet Premier side Kettering Town is no nearer to securing an extension of its lease at Rockingham Road.

Current Rugby League rules state that the Poppies could not be promoted into the Rugby League without its own ground or a ten year lease.

Kettering Chief Executive Imran Ladak is however hopeful to rectify the situation. He told BBC Radio Northampton: "We have to be as competitive as we can be, regardless of the ground situation.

"But we wouldn't be spending money on the squad if we didn't think we could sort it out."

The club hopes to continue to play at Rockingham Road, but Ladak is unsure if the current land owner, developer Ben Pickering, will permit them to do so beyond 2013.

"We haven't had any indication that Ben Pickering will extend the lease, and it's difficult because land prices are low currently," said Ladak.

"We haven't got the funds to build a new stadium so it's in Ben's hands.

"If he doesn't do a deal, we will have to play somewhere else."


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