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Manchester City sign Rovers star.

The well respected Ex Chairman of Blackburn Rovers, John Williams, has joined the football operations team at Manchester City to work alonside Brian Marwood. He will work on senior and youth contracts working closely with the football legal and secretarial functions.

Williams, who left Rovers in February after a 14-year spell at Ewood, was instrumental in Blackburn Rovers success working alongside a number of high profile managers such as Sam Allardyce and Kenny Dadlish when winning the Premier League title.

Speaking of the news, Chief Executive Office Garry Cook said,

"John Williams is a hugely respected figure in the football world and I admire him greatly.­Unsur­pri­singly, a number of orga­nisa­tions were keen to work with him and I was therefore delighted when he accepted my offer to join us.

George Moss

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