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McIlroy underlines England's failure

A young man Mcllroy wins the US Open - The school that he attended as a young man supported this young man's quest to become a professional golfer. Imagine the reality -The school that this young man attended didn't get in the lad's way, they actually went out of their way and helped the boy to live his dream. How many schools do we have in England in the public sector that would do the same thing?
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The England under twenty one team failed to progress from the first round of the European Champi­onship, held in Denmark. When asked why, the England manager explains; - Well we played the best football of this tournament thus far - The players will learn a lot from this competition - They - My boys are really hurting in the dressing room now!
I'm thinking - Hold on a minute - The players will learn from this - One player (boy) has been bought by Manchester United for a sum of 19 million pounds Sterling - Another is said to be worth much more than twenty million, yet another (boy) is not for sale at any price. Im thinking if these 'boys' dont have the experience to win a tournament now, they may well find it difficult to win any tournament in the future because it is more than logical to assume that their opponents will not be standing still, either.
Clever Media
To say that these boys will learn from this is simply passing the buck. It is not the boys that need to learn from this experience but it is the coaching fraternity and the game itself, at all levels of the game that needs to learn from this experience. The boys are hurting is nothing but a justi­fica­tion for failure by the men in charge and it is an indictment of their failure to change their perception of what the game of football should be about. The support for the second ball game leaves players in a diabolical position because they lack the skills to defend their countries honour.
Who's To Blame?

Everybody from the school system to the people in charge of the so-called Schools Of Excellence and Academies. Failure at Inter­national level is an indictment of the whole of the football system - private football clubs - professional football clubs - schools private or otherwise!. The approach to the Coaching of young players that take part in any number of sporting endevours in many cases is nothing more than window dressing. The wonderful facilities that do exist in many towns of England when it comes to the game of football are not in fact matched by any proper financial investment in quality 'Coaches' at most levels of the game. The second ball game is a working formula (the second ball game) that covers up the cracks and leaves the school authorities and football authorities alike, happy, because they have done their bit. The support for the second ball game and its lack of football skills may well cover up the cracks and keep many a man/woman in a job but the next time you hear my boys are hurting just remember who placed them in that position. It is not the 'Boys' that need to learn from this experience - its the game of football and the men in charge and the people that support the second ball game and its so-called winning formula. The lack of skills in football players today is an idictment of the whole of the system - In fact of everyone that fails to recognise that the second ball game is a failed concept.
A Young Player
In this forward moving world a young boy takes up the ball with his friends and out they go to play football - You will be suprised to know that such a small step is already significant from a young players development point of view. The forward moving world has its own features - ignore the features of this forward moving world and pay little attention to what that means and you are already on your way to failure. The coaching of young players based on the needs and expectations of this society requires a professional approach to Coaching more than ever and therefore a serious undertaking to under­standing the realities of the first ball game and its impli­cations, from a players development point of view. If the 'Coaches' and their bosses fail to understand the needs of the first ball game then expect failure to accompany the language of the manager who has nothing to offer other than 'My Boys are hurting' -
Martin Bidzinski

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