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Music and more at Bacup Borough

There is much more to life at Bacup Borough than football.  As a genuine community football club Bacup Borough has been at the heart of many charity fundraising events; has lent its support to community campaigns and been the home of some brilliant music events. 

Among the local and national charities that Bacup Borough has supported are Rossendale Hospice, BBC Children in Need, Christie Hospital and recently the S.O.P.H.I.E. (Stamp Out Prejudice, Hatred & Intolerance Everywhere) Campaign. 

This, readers may recall, is the charity set up by Sylvia Lancaster whose daughter Sophie was brutally murdered in a Bacup park simply because of the way she dressed.  A number of musical and fun events were held and supported by manager Brent Peters and the club to support this charity, which aims to try and eliminate this type of hate crime through education and awareness raising.

The Bacup area is blessed with an array of musical talent and for a long time Bacup Borough, known to the musical community simply as

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