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  • Sondico May 18

Proposals for 14 team championship put forward

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Proposals have been tabled to Championship and League 1 clubs to expand the Championship to 14 teams next season as part of the plans to revamp the domestic league structure according to Total Rugby League website. The change would involve three teams, rather than two, being promoted from League 1 this year to increase the size of the competition.

The RFL have levied a proposal to Championship and League 1 clubs which includes expanding the second tier by two extra teams next season and removing the current Super 8s structure.

The RFL and its member clubs have not yet signed off on any league structure following further meetings although it is thoroughly expected to get enough votes to be passed through for next season.

If that happens, it means a number of dramatic late changes will be enforced into this year’s format in both Championship and League 1 that will have huge ramifications on both competitions. They are:

• Only the side finishing bottom of the Championship will be relegated instead of the bottom two; 11th will now survive.

• Rather than the side finishing top – currently York – automatically gaining promotion, the side finishing second – currently Bradford – will also go straight up.

• The play-off series including the sides finishing between 2nd and 5th will change to the teams between 3rd and 6th, with the winner gaining the third and final promotion spot.


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