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Online England game declared a success

The broadcast of England's World Cup qualifier against Ukraine has been declared a 'success' by digital broadcaster Perform.
Despite anger amongst many fans over the cost of watching the game, the company received positive feedback regarding the service.

Although the team endured a 1-0 loss against the Ukraine, it was revealed that no technical issues were reported, while a post-match survey found that 89 per cent said they would happily use their broadband connection to watch a sports event again.

Good Quality

In addition, 87 per cent also felt the picture quality available through the service was satisfactory or better, while 93 per cent were happy with the customer support.

Andrew Croker, executive chairman of Perform, said: "This was an extremely successful and groundbreaking project.

"An innovative marketing approach particularly with national newspapers, betting and internet service provider affiliates meant that we were able to get this out to a broad audience and make it a huge success."

Perform was given the rights to screen the event after digital TV broadcaster Setanta went into administration earlier this year.

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