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Puma announce support for Africa

Whilst the African continent is getting ready to host the football World Cup in 2010, Puma is also setting its sights on the region. With partnerships with national teams, supporting local industry, using sub-Saharan cotton and dyes, the equipment and clothing manufacturer is relying on the event to consolidate its position locally.

The German brand has recently announced that in the second half of 2009, 2% of its clothing lines will integrate cotton that was produced in Africa. This will include strips dedicated to the fans of eleven local nations which are sponsored by Puma. Collections that are directly inspired by Africa have already been put in place in the brand's international network. Christened 'From the Puma Archives, 'Africa United' and 'African Rugby Fan Wear', they represent a powerful position for the Puma group as the next World Cup approaches.

"We are proud that our African themed collections have been created by African teams, which make them more authentic and more desirable," stated Jochen Zeitz, CEO of the Puma group. "The implication for Puma in Africa goes beyond our position as the leading supplier to African football teams. By following our aspiration to create a better world, we are playing our part in improving the quality of life and helping the environment in Africa by supporting Cotton Made in Africa."

A foundation which is supported by trade, Cotton Made in Africa aims to improve life and working conditions for African farmers who grow cotton, and to make a tangible contribution to the preservation of the environment. African cotton is mostly produced without artificial irrigation, a result of the farmers' poverty, a lack of suitable infrastructure and scarcity of water. Cotton Made in Africa supports local workers through financial and educational aid.

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