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Scarborough Town FC hope to resurrect the Athletic Ground

Wearside League champions Scarborough Town FC are looking to secure the backing of council officials in their bid to relocate to the disused Athletic Ground on Seamer Road.

The club were hoping to progress into the Northern Counties League next season however its bid was rejected due to a lack of floodlights at current home Pindar Ground.

The nearby Athletic Ground on Seamer Road, previously the home of Scarborough FC, has been shut since June 2007. Club officials hope that plans can still be submitted to the council which would resurrect the stadium, if they are able to join another league in time for the new season.

A statement from the club said: "We have been actively involved in exploring other avenues as a footballing home for Scarborough Town FC and the young footballing talent of our town.

"We were encouraged by Scarborough Borough Council officials that there was an opportunity to restore the site of the Athletic Ground on Seamer Road to football usage again.

"Figures to make the Athletic Ground usable were worked out and were well below those issued by Scarborough Borough Council."

However the council's strategic director, Hilary Jones,  denied that the council has encouraged Scarborough Town and insisted that there were lots of different factors to consider including the council

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