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Scottish Premier League looks to two tier system


The Scottish Premier League is set to discuss plans to switch to a two tier league system with ambitions to make the league more attractive commercially.  

The two leagues would each have 10 teams and would implement a winter break as well as a play-off system.

The league split currently used in the SPL would be abolished leaving 36 games for teams not involved in the play offs.  The league would also start in July.  It is hoped that a more competitive and exciting structure would help in negotiating a better deal with broadcasters. 

The 2012/13 season has been touted as a start date but 11 of the current 12 SPL teams would have to approve the proposal.

Commenting on the plans, Neil Doncaster told the Press Association:  We have got the six clubs on the strategic review that have put the plan together.

"Next Monday will be the first opportunity we will be able to go through all the development plans with all the clubs.

"I don't want to speculate on what will happen on Monday. We have been pleased with the progress of the strategic review group since April."

Along with Doncaster the working group consists of the SPL chairman Ralph Topping and representatives of Rangers, Celtic, Hibernian, Motherwell and St Mirren.

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