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Scottish Premier League to consider new league format

The Scottish Premier League is believed to be considering restructuring its format in talks expected at Hampden on Wednesday.

A new look SPL could see the league expand from 12 teams to 14 with relegation play offs in a two up, two down system.  Representatives from all 12 clubs will be present at the meeting, which will consider other options to rejuvenate the league.

BBC Sport reports that 14 teams is the favoured option in a system, with fears that a league any larger would risk losing revenue from two home games a season against the Old Firm as well losing appeal to broadcasters.

The new system could see teams play 40 matches in a season with each club playing each other once home and away (26 fixtures) before splitting into two sections, either six/eight or eight/six.

Teams would then play other teams in their section once more home and away.

Those in the post-split section of six would play 36 matches and those in the group of eight would play 40 games.

No decision is expected to be finalised at the talks.

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