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Sony agree deal to show World Cup in 3D

Sony has announced a deal with FIFA, the international football governing body, to record up to 25 matches at the 2010 World Cup in 3-D - a technology that gives viewers an illusion of depth on the screen.

The Japanese electronics and entertainment company is one of several businesses planning or working on 3-D technology for TVs and movies. Sony has plans to sell 3-D TVs for homes next year.

People will still have to wear special glasses to watch the 3-D football matches, although manufacturers are working on upgrades that will show 3-D without glasses.

The chief executive of Sony, Howard Stringer, is a fan of the World Cup plan, saying it is ''very cool''. Most 3-D releases have been animation films but the feature is gradually spreading to other genres, such as the coming sci-fi epic Avatar. Mr Stringer said sport was definitely an area where 3-D could display its strengths.

For now, 3-D video of the World Cup in South Africa won't be shown in TV broadcasts for homes, according to Sony.

But fans will be able to watch the 3-D action at FIFA events in Sydney, Berlin, London, Mexico City, Paris, Rio de Janeiro and Rome in June and July

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