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Success has its draw backs

The planned Open Day be organised by FTD at Sheffield Wednesday at the end of July has been put back until September.

Explaining the move, FTD's Commercial Director John Booth reflected:

'Following the enormous success of our events in London and Birmingham earlier in the year we were approached by the organisers of the Keele Cup - one of the largest youth football tournaments in the UK to organise a trade show to run alongside their event. Given that over 250 teams from all over the world take part, and over 10,000 people attend the Cup, over four days at the end of July we could hardly say no!

'As our planned Sheffield Open Day was at a similar time we had no option but to ask for a postponment- and the club have been very helpful in giving us a new date - which is now Thursday, 15th September. Full details and invites to the Shefffield line-up will be sent out nearer the time.

'Meanwhile the Kelle Cup trade show has really taken off as companies embrace the chance to get in front of such a big audience at an established event. Any trade show needs a decent footfall and the one thing that Keele guarantees is just that. Anyone interested in a trade stand (starts from as little as

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