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Vandanel future secured

Vandanel Premier Limited has announced their successful acquisition of Vandanel Sport Limited in a move which secures the future of the sportswear manufacturer.  

The company will be headed by new directors Spencer Guinchard and John Holder who are committed to heading up a strong team with the focus on quality, value and uniqueness.

In an official press release Vandenel said: "This strong brand now has the investment, commitment and vision to grow into a household name for the future.  Vandanel Premier Limited will continue to stock a core range of products and can exclusively reveal this will be enhanced by adding custom made garments to our range.

"We wish to put all the rumours to rest, the Vandanel brand is continuing and look forward to working with our existing and new customers in the future."

Vandanel supply clubs from grass roots to the Rugby League with professional kit and artwork generation.

To see the full range visit http://­www.­vandanel.­co.­uk or for more information call 020 8502 0030

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