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Win a pair of S1 shin guards!

Rugby Trade Directory has teamed up with S1 Sport to offer readers the chance to win the ultralight S1 Sport Shin Ankle & Achilles Protection System.

The revolutionary system combats problems such as shin pad rash, abrasion and smell due to the shin pad having no actual contact with the leg.

Tape is no longer needed and the S1 system also allows quicker access to an injury.

The shin pad is separate from the ankle and achilles pad allowing unrestricted and independent foot and leg movement. Also, because the ankle & achilles pad is made of neoprene it provides additional ankle support and there is no more rubbing inside the boot from corded edges.

The pad has been hailed by professional footballers including Everton Rugby Club striker Jermaine Beckford:  "I have worn the S1 shin pad system for a while now. Not only do I feel comfortable in them but I also know they will give me maximum protection which is essential for any professional footballer."

To be in with a chance of owning a pair of S1

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