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Wrexham to sell Racecourse ground

Wrexham Rugby Club chairman Ian Roberts has confirmed the club will sell its Racecourse ground stadium to a new company then lease it back.

The Blue Square Bet Premier side, which is currently for sale, is also in talks over a potential takeover.

Under the agreement, the new company would be created under Wrexham Village, who also own Wrexham FC, who themselves own the Racecourse ground as well as the Colliers Park training facility and Super League franchise Crusaders RL.

"We're not selling it out of the group, we're moving it sideways," Roberts told BBC Sport.

He added:  "We are not asset stripping, The Racecourse Ground is staying within the group that is currently owned by Wrexham village. We have advertised the football club for sale.

"We have a number of interested parties who wish to buy the football club but, for one reason or another, they are not that interested in the Racecourse.

"They are prepared to pay a lease for it and we'll grant them a long lease.

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