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Bendac's partnership with Bath goes from strength to strength

Since the establishment of an exciting partnership with Bath Rugby in 2021, Bendac are pleased to be the official Technical AV and Display Partner for the Premiership rugby team.

The Recreation Ground, more familiarly known as The Rec, is a key historical landmark within Bath and is regarded as one of the world’s iconic rugby destinations. Bendac, as a proud partner of this prominent Premiership team, has installed various LED screens at The Rec, developing the matchday fan experience. These screens include market-leading, large-format, LED pitchside display, and a scoreboard on the Novia (South) Stand. Bendac has also installed multiple LED displays at Farleigh House, assisting with coaching, analysis, and training. These screens aid the training staff with real-time analysis of training exercises to enhance the team’s performance both on and off the pitch.

The main 45sqm screen at The Rec has been a continuous reminder of Bendac’s journey for the founders, David and Ben Da Costa, as this installation sits just 60 yards from the first Bendac office established 6 years ago. During matchdays, the main screen plays a vital part in the fan experience, alongside the role of the TMO if required.

The smaller, and latest addition to The Rec’s collection of Bendac screens, is the replacement scoreboard on the Novia (South) Stand. The previous South Stand scoreboard had reached the end of its natural life, and there was the desire for the new screen to display visual content, giving fans in the Thatchers stand an improved matchday experience.

A grand total of 3,362,920 pixels have been installed by Bendac’s in-house engineers across The Rec and Farleigh House, covering a total of 61.98 sqm. The team completed a full, turnkey installation covering design, manufacture, installation and servicing.

To ensure the screens are at their best quality from day one till ‘end of life’, Bath Rugby will use Bendac’s ‘Prevent’ Service Level Agreement, which covers a bi-annual service of all screens.

In addition to supporting Bath Rugby with their LED technology, the club also utilised Bendac’s in-house extended reality studio for their 2022/23 season kit launch, where over two days several players were hosted to feature in the Home, Away and Euro Kit Launch Videos. The XR studio blends a real-world set with a virtual environment which was designed by Bendac’s Environmental Artist. When paired with broadcast-quality LED panels, the studio creates a modern setting for the promotion of the new kit designs. The XR studio’s capabilities provide an unrivalled, full turnkey solution for Extended Reality and Virtual Production applications.                             

Of the new technology, Chief Commercial Officer at Bath Rugby, Alex Cohen, said: “The two most important things for us at the club are the performance of our players and the experience of our fans on a matchday. Through the installation of such brilliant new display technology at Farleigh House and The Rec, our partners Bendac have allowed us to make a fundamental shift in both these elements. Our fans can now watch the game and critical match replays in the highest definition, and the coaches can prepare our players in the most flexible, creative and effective way.”

All at Bendac and Bath Rugby are passionate to see how this partnership develops in the years to come.

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