Rugby Trade Directory

Email Marketing

Email emarketing with Rugby Trade Directory is an easy, cost effective way of getting in touch with the right people at the rugby clubs you need. All of our campaigns utilise bespoke databases, enabling you to target exactly who you need to showcase your business to.

Our targeted email marketing service can get your business in front of the key decision makers at clubs from the Super League and Premiership to Grass Roots. All key roles are included on our data base.

The team will work alongside you to create an eye catching, engaging campaign to meet the objectives of your business.

After your campaign is deployed we will send you a 48 hour performance update, followed by full post campaign analysis after 7 days, with a breakdown of the results. 

All email marketing campaigns are deployed using the Red Circle Digital email marketing platform which has the following key special features:

  • A/B testing - allows you to test different subject lines and/or designs to sections of the database to help optimise performance.
  • ​Junk mail filter - this will rate the content and subject of the email to identify any potential issues with the email.
  • Request forms - allows you to add a request form to the email that auto-populates the fields to save the recipient time.
  • GDPR compliant – visit https://­www.­redcir­cle­digital.­co.­uk/

Each project is costed on an individual basis depending on the status and quantity of data required, frequency of e-mails and design requirements.

If you would like to explore this opportunity call 01772 875184 or email where we can answer all questions including price and turn around time. Alternatively you can read more here. 

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