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COVID forces postponement of Gloucester Rugby Networking Event

COVID strikes again! With increasing infection rates and restrictions the planned Rugby & Football Business networking day at Gloucester Rugby's Kingholm Stadium is postponed. The event, organised by RugbyT­rade­Dir­cetory.­com RTD) has been re-scheduled before as the COVID situation has continued over nine months.

RTD's Managing Director, John Booth explains:

'After talking to the club, sponsors Landways and other exhibitors it was an easy decision to pull the plug on the March 2021 date.

'With the COVID situation showing no signs of coming under control it seems likely that networking events, like ours, will have to wait until at least the Spring.

'We will find a new date in the calendar, once things are clearer and it is safe for people to come to the event, either as delegates or exhibitors.

'I am sure people understand the situation'




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