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Cybercrime is Kicking off

We’re seeing sports organisations being affected by cyber security incidents more than ever. From golf gear giants Callaway’s customer data breach to the Netherlands football governing body’s recent hack where employee information was stolen; there is a growing need for cyber security defences across the sector.

Sports companies collect a significant about of sensitive information from customers such as an athlete’s health or financial information, fan payment details or IP such as technological advances, so it is clear why such organisations are targeted and could benefit a malicious individual or group.

In 2020, The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSE) published a report on the cyber threats to sports organisations revealing a range of attacks carried out by hackers. As we move closer to 2024 we are seeing an increase in the number of attacks and new advancements in cyber criminals’ tactics as attacks in sport are deemed lucrative by criminals.   

To protect against cyber threats, sports organisations should implement robust cyber security measures such as:

  • Educating personnel about cyber security risks and best practices
  • Backing up data and having a disaster recovery plan in place
  • Employing intrusion detection systems and data loss prevention controls
  • Conducting regular security assessments and penetration tests
  • Conduct thorough supplier risk assessments and checks

A cyberattack may result in financial or reputational damage, so it’s crucial to invest in cyber security to protect data and everyday operations for fans and stakeholders worldwide.

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