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Exeter chief thinks lack of relegation makes for a better competition

As reported by the BBC, Exeter Chiefs director of Rugby Rob Baxter believes the Premiership is much more "competitive" without the threat of relegation.

Relegation to the Championship will not return until 2024-25 at the earliest as the top flight bids to rebalance after the demise of Worcester and Wasps.

And in the last round of games, the top three Saracens, Sale and Harlequins all lost to sides at the bottom.

"Now you're never in a scenario where a team aren't coming after you," he said.

"Some teams in the relegation zone would [previously] rest players when they came up against a side they didn't think they would beat, because the next game was against a relegation rival.

"That doesn't happen any more because there's no need to."

The Premiership was left with 11 clubs for the remainder of this season following the demise of Worcester and Wasps which saw both Midlands-based clubs suspended and then relegated from the top division.

And Baxter believes without the threat of further relegation from the Premiership, struggling teams have been given a boost of confidence on the pitch.

"Competitive results are going to happen more and more often," he said.

"A perfect example is when we've been to Newcastle when they've been in the bottom two.

"It's very hard to play with the ambition and desire that they play with now because there's so much hanging on the result."

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