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Jordan Abdull aims to prove Broncos move was the right one

Broncos half back believes move away from Hull FC was a positive one to prove his ability. 

Abdull was one of the standout performers in his debut last Sunday, with the London side with a convincing 42-24 victory against Wakefield.

The 22-year-old found opportunities to play in his favoured position, were limited whilst at Hull FC.

As a consequence, a transfer request was made, a decision that came with heavy backlash including from Hull FC owner, Adam Pearson. 

Abdull is adamant the decision was to prove the doubters wrong and prove he is a quality player.

“There’s only so long you can sit on the back burner and wait for your chance,” he said.

“I knew at Hull it was still going to be two, potentially three years where I’d only be playing a fraction of the season and mostly off the bench. In the positions I play it is imperative you get as many games as you can so at 25 or 26 I’ve as much experience behind me.

“If I’d stayed at Hull I don’t think I’d have been reaching my full potential, where being the starting halfback at London will help my confidence.”

Abdull knows he now has no hiding place, with the youngster expected to guide his side to glory.

“I want that pressure on me,” he said.

“I want to be the person expected to come up with the plays and lead a team around the pitch. If I want to be in the international scene in years to come, people need to be able to see I can do that. I’ve got plenty of time in my career and I’m happy at such a young age I’m going to be able to show my worth.

“It’s a challenge I’m looking forward to, this is what I’ve wanted, this is why I left Hull. I’ve been preparing for years to lead a team around, to be the guy so to speak.”



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