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Lighting solutions provider Lumosa offering clubs their new LumosaTouch system for free

Lighting provider Lumosa are offering clubs the chance to experience their game-changing LumosaTouch system for free!

Lumosa Touch gives you the ability to control lighting with a simple touch, adapting it to match the intensity of a game or the ambience of a community event. You can also save money on your electricity bills. 

The intelligent software offers optimum ease of use and user-friendliness to sports clubs, companies and organisations around the world.

  • Illuminate Your Way: Effortlessly dim lights or focus on specific areas. Seamlessly switch between Match, Training, Walk, and Off modes, conserving energy and cutting costs.
  • Your Personal Touch: Customise the LumosaTouch app by syncing it with your smart systems. Whether it's irrigation, access control, or more, LumosaTouch adapts to your needs.
  • Smart Insights: LumosaTouch provides a glimpse into your energy consumption. Identify energy-intensive areas and discover smart ways to save on lighting costs, all within the app.
  • Celebrate Victories in Style: Highlight your triumphs with a spectacular light show choreographed to music. Let LumosaTouch turn your victories into dazzling celebrations!

Don't miss this chance to get your free LumosaTouch today and enjoy the benefits of smart lighting!

Contact Lumosa below and visit their website to find out more.


Tel: 0114 395 0920

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