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National Conference League gets going this Saturday!

The 2019 National Conference League kicks off this coming Saturday with Division Three taking centre stage.

The Premier Division, Division one and two all kick off on March 2nd.

This weekends game will focus on Hensingham, Heworth and Batley Boys who face against Hunslet Warriors, Woolston Rovers and Eastmoor Dragons.

Pete Bingham of Batley, who have joined the NCL from the Yorkshire Men’s League, told League Express: “There’s a buzz of excitement around the club with what’s to come and everyone is happy and proud to be the first Batley side in the NCL.

“Hunslet Warriors is always a difficult place to go to but everyone is chomping at the bit to get to the first game and see what happens and how we go in our new adventure.

“The team are ready for the obstacles we will have to face and to see how we fare against new opposition. The trips to Cumbria, Newcastle and other places will be a new thing for us and everyone is up for the challenge!”

“The main thing for us throughout this season is to enjoy every minute,” he added.

Meanwhile, the feeling in the shires is that Heworth are back where they belong.

Being the first champions of the National League, in 1986-87, have been subject to variance in form and pulled out of the NCL after one game in the 2015 campaign. 

Secretary, Ken Sykes, was a member of the team that one the trophy 32 years ago, said: “It’s good to be back. Spending four seasons in the Yorkshire League has done us a lot of good, allowing us to regroup and rebuild.

“It’s only four years since we were in the Conference but there’s been quite a few changes, we’re not sure of the standards, and it may take us a while to find our feet.

“We’ve got some good players and hopefully we’ll be ok. The lads are certainly up for it, the feeling in the camp is certainly good, and I think it’s a case of `suck it and see’.”




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