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Rigby Taylor’s Autumn Green Bio Promises First-Class Delivery and Express Results

Rigby Taylor has announced the Autumn Green BIO fertiliser- a new 3-0-12+­­8Fe+­­6CaO+­­2MgO micro granular formulation that includes a ‘BiO Pack’ and zeolite to ensure enhanced plant health and root development, improved disease resistance, rapid green-up and extended (two-three months) colour.

With zeolite helping to reduce leaching and improve the plant’s Cation Exchange Capacity, Autumn Green Bio’s potassium content also provides a constant top-up, which is essential for an improved root system, while a continuous supply of calcium avoids deficiencies that would lead to stunted roots and limited nutrient uptake.­ 

Carbohydrate storage increases as plant growth slows down and temperatures cool in the autumn. It is therefore essential that sufficient levels of potassium are maintained to prevent reduced levels of Adenosine Triphos­phate- the energy source that drives all metabolic activity of plant cells produced during photos­­yn­­thesis.

The dual source of iron in Autumn Green BiO provides extended colour for two-three months, and the addition of magnesium - the central element of chlorophyll – not only provides colour but also improves iron utilisation levels.

In addition, the inclusion of seaweed and lignite - which, when applying at 35gm/m2 is the equivalent of eight applications of a liquid seaweed - improves the production of cytokinin and auxin, promoting cell division and elongation.­ 

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