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Salford Red Devils at risk due to council "inaction"

Salford Red Devils claim their future could be affected by "inaction" from Salford City Council amid a row over the ownership of their home stadium.

The council previously disclosed a plan to buy the remaining 50% of the Salford Stadium that is owned by Peel Holdings.

In a statement, the club said their tenancy agreement ends on 1 December and failure to agree a new deal could affect their grading for 2025.

The Red Devils are "at risk" unless a solution is found, the club added.

"A failure to resolve places the club at risk of a compliance issue with the RFL in respect of minimum standards due to not having a minimum five-year tenancy agreement in place," a Salford club statement read.

"As a result, this would severely impact our IMG grading and potentially put our Super League status at risk, reducing our central distributions from £1.31m to circa £50k per annum and effectively liquidating the club."

Salford Red Devils were given a B grade in media giant IMG and Rugby League Commercial's 'Reimagining Rugby League' initiative. As things stand, they will remain a Super League club from 2025.

The club have pointed to a "lack of progress made during almost three years of discussions" over the future of the ground, which they say will also have an adverse financial impact away from their upcoming grading for the 2025 season and beyond.

A lack of a long-term plan has affected Salford's share of food and drink sales at the ground while the stalemate also led them to take out a £175,000 loan from the council which "had the expected progress been made, would never have been needed", the Red Devils said.

Sacrifices including the "sale of star players" were also made and were "only necessary due to a lack of resolution over the stadium deal", the club added.

"The endless negotiations are unravelling an incredible amount of hard work and opportunities generated by Salford Red Devils," the statement continued.

"We are routinely reaching for the stars, whilst simultaneously having our arms tied behind our backs."

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