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Super League Chief aims to have Magic Weekend at the Nou Camp

Super League Chief Executive Robert Elstone has major plans in store for Rugby League fans. He plans on taking Magic Weekend globally to the  Camp Nou home of FC Barcelona.
In May Catalans will play Super League Champion's Wigan Warriors at the Camp Nou. Elstone believes should the game be a success, it could set a precedence for all of the Super Leagues teams to play in Barcelona eventually. 
“If that worked, then it would increase the chances of Magic going there without question,” Elstone says. “I think Wigan playing Catalans there is the most incredible development we’ve had for years. 
It’s a huge statement and it creates huge traction beyond our traditional circles. Super League has to get out of its own bubble, and the Nou Camp helps do that. It’s not lost on me that our sport has a rebellious soul, and was founded out of injustice. If there’s one region of the world that captures that, it’s Catalonia.”
The Chief Exec plans on assembling a team ready to take the Super League the next level.
“Getting a group of people focused solely on Super League is well overdue,” Elstone says. “I don’t think the competition got the focus that it should have had. A big part of all this is about giving the competition accountability. We’re accountable for our actions now so there’s a spotlight on us we’re conscious of, but one we’re excited about. We need to break out of our bubble and aim big for this competition.”
Magic Weekend 2019 will be hosted at Anfield, Liverpool.

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