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Will Hope horrifc injury told not serious enough for ambulance

Swinton Lions forward Will Hope, suffered a horrific injury on Sunday, stated no ambulance was available to take him to the hospital despite the fact his foot was 'facing the wrong way'. 

The Ireland international suffered multiple breaks, dislocations and torn ligaments, in the first minute of their defeat to Sheffield.

Hope claims, despite the seriousness of the injury, he suggests he was laying on a stretcher for three hours with his foot facing the wrong way. 

His teammates had to place him on the team coach, and was sent on a near 50-mile trip to Salford Royal Hospital, where his teammates took him inside of the hospital.

Hope says he was told the injury wasn't serious enough to warrant an ambulance. 

“To be treated like that, with my foot facing the wrong way for up to five hours because ‘it wasn’t a priority’ is disgusting and I wouldn’t wish that pain on my worst enemy.

“The St John’s Ambulance team at the ground was absolutely pointless, a major injury and there was ‘nothing they could do about it’.

“Hopefully the RFL address this so it does not happen again to anyone with a serious injury like this.”




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